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The Progress of
Our Social Contributions


KES ステップ2認証

  • Recycling
    Collection of old mobile phones for recycling (goal: recycling of rare metals).

  • Enhance sales of eco-batteries

  • We received a testimonial from the Mayor of Kyoto for our work to make Kyoto a safe and ecological city.


  • Installation of drive recorders onto all company vehicles to raise awareness for safe and energy-efficient driving.

  • Recognized for the reduction of our plastic bag consumption,

  • Over 2 years, we were able to donate an amount equivalent to 10691 polio vaccines.

  • We also recycle and sell the pull-tabs of our drinks to give the profit for polio vaccines.
    This is continued into the present.

  • Promotion of batteries for start-stop system cars.

  • Implementation of high-quality drive recorders for safer, more energy-efficient driving.

  • Promotion of energy efficiency through the use of company vehicles.

  • Restriction of electric or fuel-based heating and lighting with a “No Overtime Day”.

  • Promotion of various environmental-friendly activities directed at the public.


Details of Our Contributions to Social Activities

  • Call for environment-conscious slogans and their publication

    We adopt environmental slogans to be displayed in our offices.

  • Paper Saving / Paper Economizing

    We make note of every 500 sheets of paper used in order to avoid any waste of recyclable resources.

  • Fuel consumption management

    Every month, we record the fuel consumption of our vehicles in order to manage and reduce it.

  • Research of information about environmental policies

    We collect information on our business partners environmental activities and create summarizing reports.

  • Electricity savings

    We document each store's real working times through security checks in order to encourage the reduction of overtime work and promote electricity savings.

  • Call for in-house “My eco-activity” surveys and publication of the results

    We ask our employees to tell us about their habits concerning the environment and bring this together in a report we share with the whole company every month.

  • Storage of emergency food rations / preparation of power generators

    As part of activities to contribute to assistance in emergency areas in times of crisis, we have prepared around 600 food rations and a power generator at NTT DOCOMO shops.


    We adopted"POKECO,"an innovative contribution to society that "makes all who receive it smile."

  • Worker-friendly environment

    We have formulated the following plan of action in harnessing the potential for all employees to join together in creating a worker-friendly environment and achieve a successful balance between work and parenting.