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Created through......

“Created through persistence and continuous challenges, our business today and the future that awaits”

We started our business in 1934 centering on the sale and repair of storage batteries and electric components. During the previous era when passenger vehicles began to spread throughout the world, we provided maintenance for taxis, buses and foreign automobiles. As Japanese cars gained in popularity and became a part of everyday life, we continued to offer services that provided safety, reliability and comfort to both people and vehicles and built up experience and an extensive portfolio in the process. We then expanded from the maintenance of electronics and electric components for automobiles to the sale and maintenance of car phones. These were the predecessors to today’s mobile phones. At the advent of the mobile phone, our company anticipated the spread of the limitless functions performed by this device and continued to grow by flexibly responding to the changes of the times. Today, as a primary agent for NTT Docomo, we have expanded our business centering on the Kyoto/Shiga area and will continue to develop and evolve from these bases in the future.

While there is a growing trend to reduce labor and manpower as businesses around the world switch from analog to digital operations, we concentrate on providing our customers with face-to-face service at our shops. We believe that the communication that results from in-person interactions leads to a limitless amount of new services and products we can offer our customers. The safe operation and driving of vehicles is another major issue facing society today. We, in turn, offer the sale and maintenance of the latest devices based on the keywords of “Safety,” “Reliability” and “Comfort.” There is also much hidden potential in the integrated solutions business for building facilities and electric automobiles as well as the telematics service that has arisen from the fusion of the automobile and telecommunications fields. We expect great things from this in the future.

The most important thing is fostering people

“The most important thing is fostering people”

Quoting our founder, we made it our basic philosophy to “reverently respect the three treasures of Buddhism.” This refers to valuing equally our employees and their families, customers and business partners, and financial institutions and is in line with the renowned Ohmi merchant’s belief in “for the good of everyone”; an idea still alive in the basic principles of our company today.
In order to become “a company where employees can happily say they worked,” it is essential for individuals to grow. By having each member develop through their job into somebody that their coworkers, family and community can support and say “this is a good person working at a good company,” we believe our company and employees will be able to grow even further. Moreover, as a result of the chain of small happiness that develops and spreads from this, we hope to make a significant contribution to both local society and Japan.