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In-house training

Our specialized in-house training is structured to improve the mental skills of our staff.
Through game-oriented training and entertaining videos, we are able to provide the tools for the most optimized learning.

  • TrainingProspective employees
  • TrainingFreshmen introduction course
  • TrainingFirst year employees
                 (second semester)
  • TrainingSecond year employees
                 (first and second semester)
  • TrainingThird year employees
                 (first and second semester)
  • TrainingQualification test research
                 (Media department target)
  • TrainingStep Up training

Training by Department

The specialized training our manufacturers propose is oriented to improve your business.
Along with the improvement of services and increasing our staff motivation, we have completed an accreditation system.

Electrical Fitting Department


Before taking the qualification test, attending a lecture is mandatory.

  • DIAG MEISTER Qualification
  • DENSO Level 1 to 3

State Qualification

Attending a half year to one year course is mandatory

  • Mechanic: State Qualification
  • Car Electric Device Technician Qualification 

Media Department


Before taking the qualification examination, attending a regulations training course is required.

DoCoMo’s 5 Skill Certification Tests

■ Business Type

  • Pre-Meister, Meister, Grand Meister and Front Specialist

■ Breakdown Support

  • Technical Advisor

External Training Agencies

  • Human Resources Strengthening Training
  • Skill-Up training for Organization Leaders / Management
  • Work Ability Strengthening course (Coaching, Management)