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Our company’s history attests to the reliability
of our proposals and richness of our product lineup
We offer a “safe and comfortable car life”

Our Business

In 1934, we began our business with the sale, installation and maintenance of storage batteries and electric components.
Since then, with the advancement of motorization, we have constantly developed corporate activities that are rooted in the community and have continued to grow with the aim of being our industry’s No. 1 company in Kyoto/Shiga area. In recent years, we have been focusing on electric vehicle charging equipment and also offer proposals for installations for disaster prevention.

Sale of Electric Components, Battery/Motorized Chargers, etc.

We offer a wide range of products from manufacturers such as GS Yuasa, Panasonic, Bosch, and Shin-Kobe Battery in order to meet our customers’ needs. We focus not only on standard vehicle batteries, but also on those for large-size vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, import vehicles, hybrid cars, and start-stop systems.

Sale of Automobile and Environmental Goods◎Car Navigation, Drive Recorders, Digital Tachographs, etc.

We offer car navigation systems from all major domestic manufacturers and carry models of digital tachographs and drive recorders that have been tested for performance. In addition to standard vehicle equipment, we also provide electronic vehicle chargers and proposals for environmental/disaster prevention systems equipped with solar power generators as we look to the future.

Main Product Lineup

  • Batteries (GS Yuasa, Panasonic, Shin-Kobe)
  • Car Navigation, Car Audio
  • Digital Tachographs, Drive Recorders
  • EV Chargers

Our Services

Recognized for our rich experience and history, our business is backed by the strong support of renowned manufacturers.