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Leading the industry with advanced equipment
and the best technology in the region
Our experienced engineers will provide you
with a “safe and comfortable car life.”

Our Business

We continue to grow as a DENSO-designated service station and have received high praise for the technical skill of our mechanics and the products we offer from a wide range of manufacturers.

We also promote the introduction of the latest car electronics and, in addition to standard vehicles, offer dedicated services for refrigerated vehicles, emergency vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, large trucks, buses and more. For our installation operations, we provide complete proposals and mounting of safety device management products such as car navigation, digital tachographs and drive recorders. We pursue top quality services in order to realize a safer, more comfortable and more environmentally-friendly driving experience and have acquired a Panasonic AV station T-first, which allows us to diagnose and repair everything from commercial to official manufacturer products. As a result of this, we have been able to expand into the field of total diagnostics for ultra-electric system railroad cars thereby fulfilling even greater industry needs.

Main Services

We continually produce certified “DIAG Meister” consultants for technologically-advanced vehicles

As a DENSO Co., Ltd designated DIAG station, we have received high recognition for the technical skill of our mechanics and wide range of products we offer from various manufacturers. With “Denso DIAG Meisters” on staff who specialize in fault diagnosis technology and who have passed certification exams upon completing special DENSO courses, we are able to provide speedy services by determining defects and analyzing the overall electric control systems for increasing sophisticated vehicles.

Number of Certified Employees

National Certifications Kyoto Shiga
Automotive Electric Equipment Mechanic 8 8
Class 2 Gasoline Auto Mechanic 9 6
Class 2 Diesel Auto Mechanic 5 2
Class 3 Gasoline Auto Mechanic 1 1
Class 3 Diesel Auto Mechanic 1 0
Low-voltage Electrician 8 8
Second-class Electric Works Specialist 0 1
Denso Designated Certifications Kyoto Shiga
Diag Meister 3 2
Class 1 Electric Equipment Mechanic 3 3
Class 2 Electric Equipment Mechanic 5 4
Class 3 Electric Equipment Mechanic 2 2

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