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At the systems promotion team, we provide original business solutions by combining the set-up and maintenance techniques cultivated in the electrical division with our know-how for creating systems that utilize mobile media such as mobile phones.

Our Business

Centering on systems that combine “automobiles” and “tele-communications,” we provide integrated proposals, sale and maintenance for various devices and equipment based on the themes of safety, the environment and improved efficiency.

Our Products/Systems

For automobiles

  • ・Location management
  • ・Eco drive promotion system
    (digital tachograph, etc.)
  • ・Safe driving support system
    (drive recorder/alcohol checker)

For telecommunications

  • ・Simultaneous email broadcast
  • ・Receipt confirmation system
  • ・Bus location automatic notification service
  • ・Various software systems

Next-generation Automobiles

Capitalizing on the advanced technology and know-how we have cultivated through our handling of automotive electric components, we have begun operations in the field of next-generation automobiles.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

As environmental conservation activities expand around the global, automobile manufacturers are now concentrating on developing and manufacturing electric vehicles. As a clean, eco-friendly and quiet form of transportation that is free of CO2 and other missions, much can be expected from the future of these vehicles. At Keiji Yuasa Electric, we have utilized the know-how for systems and advanced technological skill and expertise we have cultivated over the years working with automobile electric components to enter into the field of next-generation automobiles.

Features of EV Charging Systems

  • The electricity generated by the solar battery panel can be used for rapidly charging the EV.
  • By employing an interconnected system, the electricity generated by the solar battery panels can be used for lighting facilities and residences when the lithium-ion battery is fully charged.
  • Thanks to a low-voltage system (single-phase three-wire), the rapid charger can be easily installed.
  • When the power generated by the solar battery panel is low, the lithium-ion battery can be quickly charged using power from the low-voltage system.
  • In case of sudden power failure, electricity can be supplied to facilities and residences using the EV.