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Making mobile phones a more convenient and comfortable part of our customers’ lives

About Our Mobile Phone Operations

From the start of our mobile phone operations, we recognized the unlimited expansion of the functions and roles of these devices and opened a shop in order to provide these services to as many customers as possible. As the functions of mobile phones increasingly expand, we continuously advance the technical skill required for our expert staff to provide detailed advice and create stations where we can carry out consultations using a rich array of information. With great appreciation for the customers we have met along the way, we will further continue to develop services deeply connected to the Kyoto and Shiga areas.


We operate Docomo shops in the Kyoto and Shiga areas as an NTT Docomo primary agency.

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Corporate Services

We sell Docomo products and systems made for corporations and also offer free consultations that include discounts for cheaper monthly payments. As a Docomo corporate agent, we offer total support for everything from reduced monthly mobile phone expenses (basic rates, calls, etc.) to the sale of corporate mobile phones and proposals for increasing efficiency.

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Media Division